Welcome Dr.Pradip Chanda, AKTU, India to be TPC!


Dr.Pradip Chanda, Krishna Engineering College, Ghaziabad, India

My areas of interest are alternative technologies involved in generation of electric power, control systems associated with various processes of power generation and demand side management of electricity.

My first research work was based on study of research conducted on concentration of solar energy. The study gave a deeper understanding of utilization of solar energy. Presently, I am working on small stand alone solar models to facilitate innovative usage of solar energy in remote rural household. With increase in renewable energy in the grid, the stability of the grid affects due to uncertainty in nature of renewable sources. Demand side management improves reliability and reduces resource consumption. Various market driven methods are adopted for improvement in reliability of the power system. Ancillary services are the specialty services and functions provided by the electric grid that facilitate and support the continuous flow of electricity so that supply will continually meet demand. Among different ancillary services, frequency control is a major one which affects the grid condition. I had my 2nd research on this topic. My research developed a suggestive model suitable for Indian power scenario. Being a power station engineer I have experienced that thermal boiler suffers a common problem of unsuccessful runback during outage of major auxiliaries. An in-depth study made me to understand that the existing runback logic assigned for stabilizing the unit under partial auxiliary outage condition needs to be augmented/ modified with real-time state of various process parameters during such outages. A new concept of related rate variation was used to develop state relations to develop alternative controls of runback process. The performance of the control strategy tested successfully under simulation environment. My long-term research agenda is to work in the area of energy utilization and control