Welcome Dr. F.Pacheco Torgal, Portugal to be the TPC!


Dr. F.Pacheco Torgal, University of Minho, Portugal

Principal Investigator at C-TAC Research Centre, University of Minho. Holds the Counsellor title of the Portuguese Engineers Association. Authored more than 300 publications, 119 in Scopus and 107 in Web of Science-WoS. His publications were viewed or downloaded so far almost 500.000 times and by 2029 it will reach 1.5 million times. Cited in 700 international patents. Cited in more than 100 SCI journals including by Highly Cited authors (SCI h-index>60) in high impact factor journals like Nature Reviews Mat. (IF=52), Nature Energy (IF=47), Progress in Mater. Science (I.F=24), Physics Reports (IF=20), Nature Climate Change (I.F=19), Advanced Functional Mat. (I.F.=11.4), Annual Rev of Mat Res. (I.F.=10.4), J. Mat. Chem. (IF=9.931), Chem. Materials (I.F.=9.407). Overall citations received in ISI WoS journals 2960 (h-index=29), citations in Scopus journals 3719 (h-index=31) and citations in Scholar Google-6285 (h-index=38). Citations prediction for the year 2029 (around 5.500 citations on WoS, 7.500 citations on Scopus (already has 7000 MR, hM=45) and 16.000 citations on Scholar Google). Future h-index prediction for the year 2029 using Körding´s algorithm (WoS h-index=42, Scopus h-index=45). Has a K-index WoS=61 and a K-index SCI=71. Has a Platinum SCI-h=90 ((h-index/year)x(citations/SCI articles)). He currently holds the records for the highest Platinum SCI h-index and the highest K-index in the field of Civil Engineering in Portugal. He´s in the Top 10 Platinum SCI h-index in the world for the field of construction and building materials. He´s is a Scopus Highly Cited Scientist-SHCS as per the 2019 Stanford University ranking. Member of the editorial board of 9 international journals, 5 referenced on the Web of Science and two referenced on Scopus. He currently holds the record for the highest ratio (papers handled as editor/year) in the field of Civil Engineering in Portugal. Acted as Foreign Expert in the evaluation of 18 PhD thesis. In the last 10 years was a Member of the Scientific Committee of almost 60 conferences most of them in Asian countries. Grant assessor for several scientific institutions in 13 countries, UK, US, Netherlands, China, France, Australia, Kazakhstan, Belgium, Spain, Czech Republic, Saudi Arabia, UA.Emirates, Poland and also the EU Commission. Invited reviewer for 125 international journals for which he reviewed so far more than 800 papers for journals indexed in WoS. He currently holds the record for the highest ratio (reviews/year) in the field of Civil Engineering in Portugal. By 2029 he will have reviewed 2000 papers. His review record places him at the Top 0.1% between 1.7 million reviewers registered in Publons. Currently ranks second place between more than 8000 reviewers in civil engineering. Member of the academic advisory committee of Publons. Member of the advisory committee of the Self-Healing Green Concrete Research Center at Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea. Lead Editor of 19 international books published by WoodHead Publishing, Elsevier and Springer, 10 being on the Master Book List of Web of Science. He currently holds the record for having the highest number of books indexed in Wos in the field of Civil Engineering in Portugal. Some of these books are available in the libraries of Harvard University, MIT and Stanford University and in all the libraries of the 10 most important Universities as per the Shanghai Ranking World Top 500 Universities.