Welcome Prof. Sergey Leonovich, Belarusian National Technical University, Republic of Belarus to be the TPC!


Prof. Sergey Leonovich, Belarusian National Technical University, Republic of Belarus

Experimental and computational methods investigated the durability of structural concrete when exposed to high temperatures, cyclic freezing-thawing, chloride aggression and carbonization. He developed non-destructive methods for assessing the strength and deformative characteristics of structural concrete of operating structures at an early age. Developed a monitoring system for buildings and structures, which is presented in monographs.

In a series of theoretical and computational works, he determined the directions and methods of calculation-forecasting the service life of reinforced concrete structures in extreme operating conditions using probabilistic methods.

Developed the State Standard of the Republic of Belarus СТБ 1994-2009 “Reinforced concrete structures in operation. Potentiometric method for determining the state of reinforcement ", organization standard СТП 001.03.0-2013" Non-destructive testing. Measurement technique. Monitoring the strength of concrete in buildings and structures under construction and in operation by the ultrasonic method ", enterprise standard СТП СМК 8.5.0-04-2017" Fracture toughness of high-strength concrete. Recommendations for the Experimental Evaluation of Crack Resistance (Fracture Toughness) of High-Strength Concrete After Exposure to High Temperatures (up to 700 ° C)”.

The research results of S.N. Leonovich are published in international peer-reviewed journals, tested at international conferences, as well as in textbooks and electronic publications published abroad.  

Author of 462 scientific works, including educational and methodical - 35, monographs - 17, patents - 24, scientific articles - 346.