Welcome Prof. Shengsen Wang, Yangzhou University, China to be the TPC!


Prof. Shengsen Wang, Yangzhou University, China

    Dr. Shengsen Wang is a full Professor of environmental soil chemistry in the College of Environmental Science and Engineering at Yangzhou University. He earned his PhD in Soil and Water Sciences at University of Florida, United States in 2014, and MS in Soil Science from Shandong Agricultural University, China in 2008.

    Dr. Wang has specialization in Environmental Soil Chemistry, Soil Remediation, Environmental Nanotechnology, Plant nutrition, Fertilizer technology. His research program focuses on remediation of contaminated soil and water, using biochar and metal oxide-based environmental nanotechnology. More recently, he has studied the electron transfer and mediating properties of biochar to enhance removal of potentially-toxic elements such as arsenic and chrome by zerovalent iron.

    Dr. Wang is a Provincial Expert in Pollution Control of Cultivated Land in Jiangsu Province (2020). He has received several awards and distinctions including Jiangsu Provincial Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talent, China (2018); Provincial Award for Excellence in Advising Undergraduate Thesis (2018); Research Leader Award of Yangzhou University (2020); Excellence in Advising International Students of Yangzhou University (2020); Yangzhou Lvyangjinfeng Talent (2017); Gamma Sigma Delta Graduate Student Award of Merit (2012).